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  Meet the Aussie JAB 2000  
The Junior Advisory Boards are made up of school children from various schools in different countries.

During 2000, the Junior Advisory Boards were made up of thirteen children from Cloverdale Primary School in Western Australia and eight children from Roselands Primary School in the United Kingdom.

JAB members are pulled from classes to attend special sessions (cutting school to play on computers?!!) where, together with parents, teachers and our staff, they assess the suitability of story-line, dialogue, character names, graphics and most importantly, game play.

Their ideas, opinions and reactions are all taken into account during game development and members are encouraged to express themselves on existing as well as new material.
  In March 2000, our pedagogic consultant, Bronwyn McCormack flew to the UK with activities and development ideas to be reviewed and enhanced by a select team at Roselands. Her aim? To gain the international input that would widen the appeal of the games. Since her return, contact has been maintained with the Roselands children via the Internet.

We believe the fresh insights from JAB members were integral to our ability to build better products. So being in touch and staying in touch with different groups of children from different parts of the world is an activity that we intend to continue for a long time to come.

For 2001, our Australian JABs are from Penrhos Junior School and Winthrop Primary School, while those from Roselands continued as our UK JABs.

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