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Bug Bytes
Bug Bytes

The ultimate electrical experience. Computer bugs are annoying Wrex Havoc! Surround and zap them and see if you can get more than Wrex!

Educational outcomes...
Working mathematically: reason; strategic play
Measurement: area & perimeter
Space: exploring 2D shapes patterns; congruence; boundaries

Measurement of perimeter and area has direct relevance to many everyday situations such as calculating the amount of material needed for fencing, dressmaking, floor covering or picture frames.

Children need to develop a sound understanding of the concept of perimeter as the outside edge enclosing a space and area as the surface of this shape.

Bug Bytes engages the player in a strategic game, which explores the measurement of perimeter and area using arbitrary units.

Fun Machine 3 and enrichment activities included free

Platforms: XP, Vista and Win7

Price: 6.00EUR

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